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Me And tarot Cards

Me &Tarot Cards

I had never imagined myself as a Clairvoyant or Tarot Card reader, and was rather pursuing my studies in law, when I realized having strong intuitive powers. It then seemed as if some unknown super power was trying to guide me, it was then that with strong intuition I started meditating. With regular meditation I was able to walk spiritual path and was blessed with Blessings of Maa Khodiyar.

It is blessings of Maa Khodiyar which made me able to mould myself to channelize my intuitive powers and divine guidance in helping others through Tarot Card Readings

Brief History of Tarot Cards

Brief History of Tarot Cards

One of the earliest reference to tarot triumphs, and probably the first reference to tarot as the devil's picture book, is given c. 1450–1470 by a Dominican preacher in a fiery sermon against the evils of the devil's instrument.

As philosopher and tarot historian Michael Dummett noted, "it was only in the 1780s, when the practice of fortune-telling with regular playing cards had been well established for at least two decades, that anyone began to use the tarot pack for cartomancy."

The belief in the divinatory meaning of the cards is closely associated with a belief in their occult properties: a commonly held belief in the 18th century propagated by prominent Protestant clerics and freemasons. 

From its uptake as an instrument of prophecy in France, the tarot went on to be used in hermeneuticmagicalmysticalsemiotic, and psychological practices. It was used by Romani people when telling fortunes, as a Jungian psychological apparatus capable of tapping into "absolute knowledge in the unconscious", a tool for archetypal analysis,[8] and even a tool for facilitating the Jungian process of individuation.

Can Tarot Help Me

Can Tarot Help Me?

Tarot reading is more of a guidance than fortune telling.


Tarot can tell you who is out there to help you achieve a specific goal. Who is working against you or simply not being truthful. It can reveal things that were right there all along and that you didn’t notice like a difficult colleague going through a rough patch who would actually love to open up and become your friend.

Tarot can help you handle the difficult separation you are going through. It can also draw your very own portrait, revealing strengths, weaknesses and potential. The uses are almost endless, and that’s the beauty of it.


Tarot can predict future events and let you foresee the most likely outcome of a situation, but as you can see it is also a powerful tool to help you make the best decisions and see clearer in times of doubt and uncertainties.

How Tarot is Diffrent from other occult scince
tarot mystic.gif

How Tarot is Different from other Occult Science

Tarot is a divine system which is based on psychological archetype represented by deck of 78 cards, each card representing different aspect. The uniqueness of the Tarot card is in its arrangement, the manner it is drawn, the manner it is placed and the combination of entire arrangement which is unique not only to seeker seeking insight to his / her problem, but even to the problem faced by him/her.


Everything in Cosmos is logical and well ordered, nothing happens without a reason, and once a person gets insight to cause of happening or non-happening of an event, he can understand it and get guidance to come wade through difficult time with ease and comfort.


The Occult Science of Tarot is completely based on the basic principle that every living entity has its own aura, which interacts not only with the aura of other living being, but also interacts with the Cosmic rays, and it is this interaction of auras and cosmic rays that shapes or poses the problems faced by a person.


All of us in our lifetime, at some point or the other, have suddenly & without any cause felt repulsiveness towards someone who is completely stranger; similarly, to some other stranger we get attracted or feel comfortable with; and for no reason whatsoever, we suddenly feel uncomfortable with someone whom we on earlier occasion felt comfortable. These reactions are nothing more than the interactions of our own aura with the aura of others combined with effect of cosmic rays.

When a seeker poses his problem to Tarot Card Reader, Energy and Aura of seeker interacts with Energy and Aura of Tarot Card Reader, and the resultant energy of Tarot Card reader results in him drawing a card, in unique position, which then finds its place in the arrangements of cards, as per the order in which it is drawn. This is dynamic process, which obviously would change with variables such as seeker, time, problem etc. 

This diversity and combinations of variables bestows uniqueness to Tarot Card reading.

Hoaw are Tarot Cards Read

How are Tarot Cards Read

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, with each card containing a specific symbol, & imagery having divine meaning. 
Tarot cards are further divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. 
Major Arcana cards represents karma that influences our lives and shows the spiritual guidance; the Minor Arcana cards symbolizes the difficulties, challenges and tribulations we face in our everyday life, from professional to personal relationships; the Minore Arcana contains 16 Tarot Court cards which represent various personality traits we express throughout our daily life. 

Most people entertain belief that tarot cards with its symbol and images are means of predicting the future; however, though the symbols and images while having divine meaning itself does not predct anything, and on the contrary, tarot cards rely on the intuition & spiritual guidance thst that the true Tarot card Reader receives.
While very few Tarot Card Reader opts to let seeker choose a card, most of the Tarot Card Reader, depending on the guidance sought, draws Cards, and these drawn cards are than interpreted on basis of the intuition and spiritual guidance received by the Tarot Card Reader; albeit, this gudiance and intuition is received on basis of the symbols and imgaes revealed in the drawn card.
Depending on the card you choose, they allow you to take a step closer to your intuitive subconscious mind, so that you can make positive changes in your life to achieve your goals and dreams. Tarot cards allow you to create a connection with your inner wisdom. Instead of giving you specific answers to your questions, they provide pointers so that you can reach to that conclusion with your own abilities and awareness. Tarot cards represent the story of our lives and are the reflection of our soul and consciousness. 

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