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Uses of Graphology

Graphology for Personal Benefit:

Through Graphology you can appraise yourself of your personality trait and thus can make yourself aware abut your strength and weaknesses.

Knowing your strength helps you to focus and channelize them in right perspective so as to get the maximum benefits of your strength.
Knowing your weakness helps you to act positively to overcome them and not let others take advantage of your weaknesses.
Knowing your strength and weaknesses is also beneficial for choosing your vocation.

Graphology for Recruitment Purpose:

In today's highly professional and competitive world, employees before hiring a professional would prefer to know the personality of their employees, so as to churn out the maximum benefits by exploiting their strengths and weakness.
Graphology / Handwriting analyses helps Employer to gain insight of the candidate's personality traits such as

  • Reliability

  • Responsibility

  • Problem-solving initiative

  • Self-confidence

  • Leadership ability

  • Tolerance & patience

  • Analytical ability

  • Communication skills

  • Administrative quality

  • Concentration

  • Co-operative skills

  • spontaneity 

Graphology for Matrimonial Compatibility:

Matrimony is not union of a couple, but is rather union of two personalities; and more often, matrimony fails because of incompatible personalities. Graphology can come to prospective couples in knowing traits such as 

  • Maturity level

  • Mental capacity to understand each other

  • Sexual compatibility

  • loyalty

  • attitude and dominance

  • Sincerity

  • Co-operation and mutual adjustive capability

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