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What is Graphology

Just like every person has different and unique finger prints and voice, so does every person has different and unique Handwriting. It is true that while finger prints and voice are inborn characteristics of an individual, HANDWRITING are acquired characteristic of an individual, and yet it is different and unique characteristic of every individual.

Combination of lines and curves makes Letter, and combination of Letters makes Words. In school we all are thought the same letters and are thought how to write them, and we all write them accordingly so that it can be identified as a particular letter, and yet every individual writes same letters in a style that is unique to him, making everyone's handwriting different and unique.

It leads us to obvious question -- Why is handwriting unique to an individual?

Answer is simple -- Handwriting is a result of complicated task that involves different organs, such as brain which visualizes text we want to write, nerves that communicates it to your muscles in your hands, arms and fingers, eyes which supervises or monitors your shapes and alerting brain in case it requires correction and all these tasks happens at warp speed.

So also, besides these reflexes, there are other factors that also contributes to an individual's writing, such as weather, temperature, mood,  stress etc., and these factors effects individual handwriting in a manner that an individual's handwriting is different in different conditions.


Graphology then is the analysis of physical characteristic, pattern and manner of handwriting with an object to find out  the personality traits and personal character of an individual.

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